Dubai’s top 5 affordable areas to rent an apartment

Affordable Areas to Rent an Apartment in Dubai

We discussed in our previous articles the most coveted areas to rent an apartment in Dubai, so this time around we want to give you exclusive data based on our latest research about Dubai’s most affordable communities for renters, where opportunities are springing up especially for those looking to pick up a bargain. So here’s […]

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 Four surprising facts about rental yields in Dubai

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  We just released our Q3 report where we took a close look up at the latest trends of the UAE property market. For the latest edition of our research, we gathered data about the rental yield. So what is rental yield? To put it simply it is the amount of money a landlord receives […]

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 The world’s most expensive apartment costs $400 million!


  Got some cash to splash? This apartment can be yours for an eye-watering $400 million! That’s the same as 1000 Rolls Royce Phantom, one of the most expensive cars! When completed the Odeon Tower located in the small but chic Principality of Monaco will feature the world’s most expensive apartment, a 38,000-square-foot “Sky Penthouse” with a price […]

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  We just rolled out a brand new and cool version of our web site, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with a top-quality service while house-hunting! The new site is ten times faster than the older version, and has many improved features including a new layout to make it more user-friendly. […]

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